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Fund Raising - Sell Side Advisory

Equity Capital Raising and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Angel Investments

RSVP Capital advisors intermediates Angel investments for seed to early stage companies. The investees are typically ventures operating in a niche space that is attractive and sustainable, having a scalable and unique idea, comprising of a team with demonstrated start-up skills and having started earning revenues, in order to attract early stage investments. RSVP’s investor base includes Angels across India and other countries, looking to invest in such high growth ventures.


Venture Capital

We arrange Venture Capital Funds for companies, which have crossed the angel stage, and are at the threshold of the next level in their growth stage, for which they required a fresh round of funds infusion. The investees are typically ventures, which have a strong story, a tested product/service which has drawn significant demand from the market and a demonstrated traction on their revenues. The investors may be a combination of HNIs and Institutions/VC Funds. RSVP leverages its wide network of individuals, as well as VCs across the world, to invite for such investments.

Private Equity

Companies which are in the growth phase of their cycle, earning high profit margins as per their respective industry standards, showing a steady revenue growth and are looking for funding to make the next big leap, would approach RSVP to raise their Private Equity Round (usually a Series B or C round), at terms most favorable to them, in order to facilitate their growth plans. Companies in the pre-IPO stage would fall in to this category of Private Equity Fund raising as well. RSVP has built a strong network of relationships with PE Funds and institutional investors in India, US, UK and Singapore. Companies benefit by gaining access to multiple investment sources/term sheets by raising funds through us.

Merger & Acquisition Advisory

When a company is looking to be acquired, or is seeking to dilute majority / controlling stake in its shareholding, we find a strategic acquirer/ buyer for such a company, where the marriage yields not only significant synergies but also a complementary association between two ventures. Such an acquisition may take place by cash, through swap of shares or a combination of both, based on our advice and analyses of both the parties to the transaction.